Bridge Construction Continues at Edinboro University

500 ft. Pedestrian Bridge

Edinboro, PA – Students at Edinboro University will be a lot warmer when walking across campus next winter.

Almost two football fields in length, a new enclosed walkway is being constructed to link the two sides of campus.  It will also bridge the gap between Baron-Forness Library and Ross Hall.

The walkway means that all students, including those in wheelchairs, can avoid a difficult walk in the winter.

Edinboro President, Dr. Julie Wollman said, “It is a very steep hill down there, across a brook and a narrow little bridge. It is kind of a curving pathway that is very, very difficult especially for our students in wheelchairs to traverse.”

The pedestrian bridge is also tied to a major renovation of 50-year-old Ross Hall, which houses the university’s math and computer science departments.

Part of the $16 million renovation includes large sleek windows that add an abundance of natural light to the east side of building.

Designed by Erie-based Roth Marz Partnership P.C., the project also calls for an additional 15,000 square feet of faculty offices and classrooms.

At present, the project is on time, on budget, and is scheduled for completion in October, right in time for the cold season.

Also on the university construction front, Nello Construction will be breaking ground in May on a $13 million renovation of Natali Student Center at California University of Pennsylvania.

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