Why Steel Church Buildings?

St. Joseph Parish, located in O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania

It used to be pews, stained glass, and stone walls. Rising in popularity for the last two decades, pre-engineered steel buildings have become a new standard among growing congregations.

While many traditional churches fear the aesthetic value that comes with steel buildings, most have learned that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Just ask Father Thomas Miller of St. Joseph Parish in O’Hara Township, whose building committee was initially opposed to building a steel building and became believers upon closer review.

In an effort to extend the look and feel of their 52-year-old existing parish hall and school, St. Joseph’s building committee wanted to expand elegantly without steel columns running through their main sanctuary.

“Expanding while keeping a theme of traditional Catholic touches was a desire of the parishioners,” voiced Mary Ann Heneroty, President of the St. Joseph Parish Pastoral Council.

Father Miller added, “Our parishioners wanted to be sure that when people looked at this building there would be no question that it’s a church, which isn’t always the case with some of the new church buildings you see built these days.”

When construction costs came in nearly $1 million dollars over budget, the church was forced to look at cost savings options. Ultimately, they elected to go with a steel building system, which came recommended by Nello Construction Company and Brenenborg Brown Group, the builder-architect team on the project.

After three years of capital campaign fundraising and 16 months of construction, Miller rejoiced over the $4.5 million dollar end product “This is so much more than I ever thought. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

Today, over 927 families are worshipping in the new building, which blends closely on the outside with the church’s original latte-colored brick. Inside, the architect did an excellent job of concealing the steel trusses in the sanctuary. This was achieved by creating focal points such as a beautifully decorated altar and 100-year-old recycled stained glass windows.

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