Pittsburgh Bar Found in Sochi, Russia

Pittsburgh Bar in Sochi, Russia

Travel the world and you will find that one thing is for certain, people all over the globe love Pittsburgh. There are Pittsburgh-themed bars all over the United States and many Steelers and Pittsburgh bars in other countries, including two in Iraq, several in China, and yes, one has been found in Sochi, Russia (home of the 2014 Winter Olympics).

While in Sochi reporting on this year’s Winter Olympics, a photographer for Getty Images by the name of Jared Wickermham (who happens to also be from Pittsburgh), stumbled upon a Pittsburgh-themed bar sharing more than just its namesake with the Steel City. From the outside, tourists might assume that it’s merely a coincidence and has nothing to do with the city in Southwestern Pennsylvania, 5,523 miles away, but take a step inside and you will feel right at home.

With artistic representations of the famous Pittsburgh skyline, including replicas of the Highmark Building and PPG skyscrapers, West End Bridge, and other identifiable tributes from the ‘Burgh, this bar could fit right in SouthSide.

After asking around as to why there was a Pittsburgh bar in Russia, one bartender reportedly shrugged, saying, “I don’t know. Is Russia, you know. Crazy.” A little more digging and it was understood that the bar owner once visited Pittsburgh and liked it so much, he decided to become an honorary yinzer and dedicate his bar after the City of Champions.

Pittsburgh Bar in Sochi, Russia
Pittsburgh Bar in Sochi, Russia

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