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The newest face in Nello’s bid room brings a cheerful attitude and a strong accent. No, it’s not New Jersey. Actually, it’s Brazilian.

Hailing from Curitiba, the capital and largest city in the Brazilian state of Paraná, Monica Brown began calling Pittsburgh ‘home’ in 2008. Brown traveled to the United States originally to become fluent in English with plans to return to Brazil and advance her career in hotel management.

As life would play out, Brown spontaneously fell in love with a Pittsburgher and opted to make her permanent address in the most livable city.

“My husband has a sturdy job as a financial planner and my English is more refined than his Portuguese, so it made sense for us to begin our life here,” Brown explained.

Compared to Pittsburgh’s population of a few hundred thousand, Brown is accustomed to the upbeat urban culture of Curitiba and its dense population of 3.2 million people.

“There are so many places to go and options there (Curitiba). In Pittsburgh, you just have to look a little harder and you’ll find many treasures.” Off the clock, one may find Brown out dancing with her husband or enjoying sushi at Little Tokyo in Mt. Lebanon.

Reflective of her hospitality background and love for traveling, Brown speaks Portuguese, Spanish, English, and is determined to learn Italian. “My grandparents live in Naples, Italy, and it’s on my list of places to visit.”

Also on Brown’s to-do list is getting enrolled in a local MBA program. She added, “This will help broaden my business acumen and hopefully add value to Nello’s estimating department.”

When asked about her impression of working at Nello thus far, Brown commented “I think the people are genuinely nice. I love being in the commercial building industry because it’s exciting to see Nello’s building projects around the community and know that I’m a part of the process.”

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