Amazing Church Built on Volcano

Possibly the most awe-inspiring and dramatic church ever built is a small chapel in France named The Chapel of Saint Michel d’Aiguilhe. Community construction of the church was finished around 962 AD and it still sits 280-feet in the sky at the peak of a volcanic plug in the French commune of Aiguilhe. The volcano itself is estimated to be more than a million years old and resides in Le Puy-en-Velay around the Loire river.

Built to commemorate the return of the Bishop of Le Puy from the pilgrimage of Saint James, the church features figures of Christ, Virgin Mary, Archangel Saint Michael, Saint John, and Saint Peter carved in stone. Its interior is decorated with a variety of elaborate frescoes and getting to the church can be a bit of a feat with a set of 268 steep steps winding around the mountainside. Just imagine when this church was under construction and what the workers who built it went through. The Chapel of Saint Michel d’Aiguilhe is truly a work of art symbolizing unwavering faith and perseverance.

Inside Picture of the Chapel of Saint Michel d-Aiguilhe in France

Source: Panaramio

Steps of Saint Michel d-Aiguilhe Chapel in France

Source: Anirik-01

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